Do you want to perform a charity auction? But don’t have any idea about that. Don’t worry? This article will guide you how to arrange a charity auction.

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Follow the steps given below for a successful charity auction and it helps to raise sufficient funds for a good cause.

Though there are several choices, to run a charity auction, the two most popular options are live and silent auctions. Using silent auctions method, you can arrange funds easily and needs only low overhead cost. In this method, the list of items, publish the list of articles you are going to auction and get the sealed bids in written and the higher bid wins at the closure time of the auction.

The next one is the live auction and it is an expensive option since it involves more planning and organizing of work. It is a loud and fast auction just opposite to silent auction. Normally it occurs at a venue where the participants shout and carry signs to place the bids. Based on the volume of the auction, hiring a professional auctioneer is a better idea.

You must also think about the materials you want to sell in the auction. There are several methods you can follow to receive the objects for a charity auction including Purchase items, Second-hand items, corporate donations etc.

After you have paid the fees for the venue and sourced the materials for auction, you want to market the auction event. The more people attended the auction, the more chances of success in your auction.