Millions of people all the over the world watch TV to relax. The problem arises when they are not free to watch a show of their choice; this is when recorders started being introduced by the ever helpful manufacturing companies to make life easier. Initially VCRs were introduced to the general public. There was a huge demand for these devices along with plenty of blank cassettes. After that came along the Digital TV recorder which made TV viewing more convenient. It carries out the same function as the VCRs did, but the best dvr in the market do it much better and with more features. This has led to an increase in the time spent on watching TV according to the

A digital TV recorder has become a part of life for any TV show fan. It is not always possible to be able to watch your favorite show at the exact time it is being telecast; this is when a TV recorder becomes a necessity. The digital TV recorder helps you to record shows and watch them at your convenience any number of times. You can also skip ahead of annoying ads or even rewind back to your favorite scene and re-watch it. Millions of people have opted for the digital TV recorder to keep tabs on their favorite shows without affecting their work or social schedules.

Digital TV recorders are being referred to as Personal Video Recorders or PVRs by the public because of their friendly features. Some companies seem to prefer the term Digital TV Recorders or DTR. Even if the names differ, the basic functionality remains the same; the ability to record multiple programs at the same time and let the user watch them at their convenience. There are generally 2 types of services available to watch TV

  •         Free package
  •         Subscription package

Usually a TV recorder is provided as a part of any TV cable or satellite service. Sky, which is the biggest pay TV operator in the UK, is responsible for the sudden popularity of the digital TV recorders in the market with its Sky+ set top box. This particular set top box has been designed to be user friendly making it popular among the general public. Virgin Media, which are the main competitors of Sky, started offering cable boxes which had integrated digital recording to win over the public.

Most digital TV recorders are of different shapes and sizes, yet they all provide the same basic features. They allow you to record shows according to pre-set time schedules. The digital TV recorders have been designed to be user friendly so that the setting up recordings is not complicated. These devices have an electronic programming guide or EPG which is designed to cover a period of seven to eight days. Some devices even have the feature called Series linking, enabling you to set the device to record all the shows of a particular season of a show. This feature is even able to detect when the cable networks change the show scheduling and alter the recording time accordingly.

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