All whiskey fans prefer a particular type of whiskey. At the end of the day, who really has the time to think about calories in whiskey? Obviously, the only thing to be bothered about, it the quality of the drink, as well as the way you drink!

One of the best, but often over-looked aspects of drinking Whiskey is the glass that you drink it from. Did you know that there are several liquor glass types available? The survey conducted by www.liquor.com reveals that now most people give equal importance on choosing the right whiskey glass shape for drinking the liquor like choosing the whiskey brand. This makes many whiskey glass manufacturers design the perfect glass style based on the user’s requirement and interest.

The tulip-shaped whiskey glass is the great option of blenders, and true connoisseurs and master distillers world over. In early days, it was named as “dock” glass since the merchants used it spirits and nose wines near docks. The long-stem of the glass avoids your hand reaching your nose too close. The bowl shaped glass focuses the smell through the narrowed rim.

Several glass models belong to this model but they differ little is shape, but all models like the Schott Zwiesel crystal glass or the Copita nosing glass has a small bulbous base and tapering in at the glass top.

Glencairn glass is similar to tulip-shaped whiskey glass type. It has a short and sturdy base, and it is manufactured using thicker glass. It boosts the tasting experience since the idea behind this glass model is to focus the flavor of the whiskey to your nose. The favorite tulip shape glass model is Glencairn glass. It is the best option for a single malt whiskey.

Whiskey tumblers were the favorite option when whiskey was started consuming before many decades. It is the ideal option to drink whiskey by adding ice or mixing whiskey with soda, coke or ginger ale. You can also use the whiskey tumbler to drink whiskey neat, and most people use tumblers for consuming bourbon.

The neat glass is another option of whiskey glass, and it was made because of the mistake happened at the glass manufacturing unit, and later it was identified that this glass allows direct harsh liquor vapors away from your nose. Many new spirits consumers pick this neat glass since it negates the sharp aroma of the liquor.

The high ball is the taller version of whiskey glass option. It is the perfect choice when you drink whiskey by mixing with more amount of ice, soda, ginger or coke. In recent days, the high ball whiskey glass is the popular option among most whiskey lovers like whiskey and lemonade or whiskey and ginger ale. It is a favorite glass option in Japan.

The Snifter is the standard whiskey glass model in clubs and bar. You can come across drinkers holding the snifter glass and cigars in their hand. It is generally used for drinking brandy but also preferred for consumption of whiskey. It is designed in a shape so that when you held the glass partially horizontal, the liquor never spilled out. The drawback of this glass is the narrow rim, and wide body of the snifters prevent the release of harsh liquor vapors easily but improving the aromas.